Insurance Specialists

Insurance Specialists

We provide our customers with professional assistance throughout the process of filing an insurance claim.

The process of filing insurance claims is typically so long and tedious that most people give up before even starting. The truth is that this process is only a nightmare if you don’t know the best way to do it. Therefore, you must seek the advice and help of an insurance claim specialist. We will provide advice and answers for all your questions, to ease the process and overcome any complication. Our insurance experience combined with a sound knowledge in construction and years of experience makes Taylor Roofing the premier roofing company.

Filing an insurance claim

Filing a claim is not as daunting as you believe once you understand how they work
Before anything else can happen, you must report the roof damage and file the insurance claim as soon as possible after a hailstorm.
There is always the possibility of not being affected by a hailstorm, however it is always best to check. This damage could be hidden and it can cause issues down the road long after the storm. Hidden damage may produce structure problems in your home and if neglected for too long, you can have serious water damage.
Most insurance policies typically cover the entire cost of fixing the roof damage caused by hailstorms. We have 30 years of experience working in Greer SC, so we have developed great professional relationships with most of the most trusted and respected insurance companies in the area.
Our main objective is to restore your roof to its optimal original shape, without the requirement of investing more money to do it. This is the reason why we provide free inspections after a hailstorm to check your roof for storm damage.
If we discover any problem, we will assist you in the process of preparation and filing of your claim, and we will lead you through the following stages, until we ensure that the insurance company is effectively covering the expense of the new roof.

If we don’t find any damage in a complementary inspection of your roof, we will close the case at that point without charges for you, and you can rest assure that your roof is in optimal shape.

The process of filing an insurance claimIn order to restore your roof and get it back to its optimal shape may be achieved following these four steps:

1. Contact Taylor Roofing, and get a free inspection of your roof

If you are suspicious about your roof status after a recent storm, contact us and one of our professional contractors will visit your home to evaluate your roof for any damage. This free inspection doesn’t imply any further obligation from you. If we don’t find any damage, we close the case. However, if your roof has been damaged by the effect of a hailstorm, we will proceed to file a report to be sent to your insurance company and the process of filing a claim will be initiated. This process won’t be a hassle for you, since we will handle all the interactions and communications with the insurance company; so we will be in touch with them to supply all the details concerning the storm event, including the date of occurrence, the degree of the damage, and all the required repairs. We will arrange an appointment with you and your insurance adjuster, in order to be present and answer all the possible questions. Above all, we will ensure that the adjuster completely understands the situation of your roof, and files it in an accurate way.

Paperwork until the adjustment is finished

We will handle all the required paperwork. We will supply the insurance adjuster with a detailed damage report, in correspondence with the insurance company inspection. In this report, the causes and degree of your roof damage will be identified for the insurance records. Once this process is completed, the remaining step is waiting for the claim approval.

Installation or fixing of your roof

The insurance company, when approving your claim, will establish the extent of the roofing job and give you a first payment. Next, we will arrange a gathering with you, aimed to buy all the needed roofing supplies and determine a timetable for the roofing project. The whole installation or repair process may take one or two days.

Final checkup of your roof

After completing the repararation or installation process, we will execute a final inspection together with you, so we can ensure that we have satisfied all your expectations. If you are completely satisfied, we will proceed to thoroughly clean the area, including the recovery of any lost nails with the help of a magnet run around your property. Finally, when we are back in our offices, we will send our final payment invoice to your insurance company, so the process can be concluded.

In case you have any suspicion about your roof situation after a recent weather eventavoid taking any unnecessary risk. Contact Taylor Roofing right now!

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