Hail Damage Assessment

Hail Damage Assessment

Hail storms have affected many houses in Greer SC recently

Nevertheless, very few homeowners realize they have damage because it isn’t always evident. A heavy hailstorm could occur without producing any significant dents or holes on your roof; therefore, you can easily overlook any hidden damage and think your roof survived the impact.

Hail can produce holes, dents, and pits on your roof shingles

If you live in Greer SC, you are most likely aware that hail storms have been an issue recently.

Detecting roof damage is not as simple as you may think, this task demands an expert eye and a thorough inspection of your roof, in order to effectively determine if your roof shingles are damaged.

If we detect any damage in your roof

we'll follow our proven process to file a claim
leading you by hand through the whole process

We can advise you on how to fill an insurance claim, as well as answer all your questions concerning  all the stages of the filing procedure. We want to help you repair any roof damage in an effective, timely manner!

You don't know anything about filing insurance claims? No worries!Our experts on roof insurance and ready and willing to help you!
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